January Knitting and Crochet Blog Round Up


Hello. So what’s happening in the world of yarn at the moment? Here are some of my favourite knitting blog posts from the past few weeks. (All images copywrited by blog owners).


Juliet Bernard - A Kingfisher Morning

Ever wondered how the heck knitwear designers work out how to create their garments? Well there's maths involved - and sometimes clever computer software too. This interesting post tells us a bit more.


Emma Varnam

Emma Varnam writes about steeking - the process of knitting in the round and then cutting along the central line to turn a sweater into a cardigan. Watch a video of the actual cutting process, and feel her fear ... but it all works out perfectly! 


Arne and Carlos

Listen to Arne and Carlos talk about design inspiration while they crochet granny squares to make a scarf in this vlog/podcast. Tutorials on how to make granny squares and joining them are here too. Sit down with some knitting or crochet of your own while you listen!


Winwick Mum - Christine Perry

Socks without nylon, and machine washing when the ball band says not to! Winwick Mum Christine Perry has an update on her Easy Lace Socks in Doulton Flock Border Leicester 4 Ply.


Miss Neriss

Can you crochet a whole garment in just a few hours, following the most simple of formulas to make it perfect for YOU? Check this post out and find out how to go about it. Prepare to be amazed!


Works in Progress

My Knit Club and I often swap notes on how many works in progress we each have on the go. More commonly described as WIPs - most of us are 'guilty'.

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Why are skeins so desirable to 'real knitters'?

What is it about skeins? For so many knitters, there is something enticing about yarn in its unballed state. It is more desirable, more exciting, and.

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Could You Do Less to Achieve More and be Happier?

Hello! Today I'm thinking about small but significant changes I could make to reduce my stress levels and increase happiness. Every now and then I.

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